January 2007
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Flying Toilets

To understand the depth of absolute poverty, see this story from the BBC. It is a series of 7 pictures with accompanying captions. In short, people live in informal slums who not only lack access to adequate drinking water, but also lack toilets. The solution will horrify you.

See also, “trucker bombs.”



I Feel Cold All of a Sudden

Black ice and laser beams a-poppin’ at DARPA. The U.S. military continues their media blitz to promote the use of non-lethal weapons technologies:

“The space-age weapons of Star Wars are not beyond the imagination of researchers at DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense… The artificial black ice is [...]

How Do We Know if Sanctions on Iran Are Working?

The NYTimes says:

“European governments are resisting Bush administration demands that they curtail support for exports to Iran and that they block transactions and freeze assets of some Iranian companies, officials on both sides say… Administration officials say a new American drive to reduce exports to Iran and cut off its financial transactions is intended [...]

The Return of Fairness and the End of Free Speech

On Monday, there was an op/ed piece in the Washington Times speaking out against a bill that has the potential to allow the government to control all radio and television in the name of equal time. Nat Hentoff, author and music scholar, commented on the return of what is called the “Fairness Doctrine”, a bill [...]

“Luck” for This Duck Doesn’t Describe It

A duck suffered multiple gun shot wounds in an apparent hunter attack. But that’s not all:

“The ring-neck duck survived being shot and spending two days in a hunter’s refrigerator — and now she’s had a close brush with death on a veterinarian’s operating table. The one-pound female duck stopped breathing Saturday during surgery to [...]

Holy Tortillas!

In the Washington Post on Saturday, it describes how the sale of corn for Ethanol has driven up the price of tortillas in Mexico.

Thick, doughy tortillas roll hot off the conveyor belt all day at Aurora Rosales’s little shop in this congested city built on a dry lake bed east of Mexico City.

Using [...]

“I’m In:” A Campaign Start Shirley Chisholm Could Have Only Dreamed Of

“I’m running for president and I’m in it to win it!” Clinton, D-N.Y., said to a big round of applause.

Hillary Clinton is the first woman front-runner for President of the United States. Some say she is “the most viable woman ever to seek the office.” I deliberately chose the word “front-runner,” measured in [...]

HA HA HA! That’s SO Funny!



Hey guys, check this out, this is some funny shit right here:

Authorities at Tarleton State University said they plan to investigate a Martin Luther King Jr. Day party that mocked black stereotypes by featuring fried chicken, malt liquor and faux gang apparel.

“I feel like there is no excuse for [...]

I Feel Warm All of a Sudden

For context, please see this past The Waterglass article.

Ray gun makes targets feel as if they are on fire

“MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Georgia (AP) — The military’s new weapon is a ray gun that shoots a beam that makes people feel as if they will catch fire. The technology is supposed to be [...]

Happy Birthday David!

Today is David’s birthday! Let’s all wish David a very happy day!

McCain Didn’t Like Rumsfeld

Senator from Arizona John McCain had “strong words” for Rumsfeld:

“Rumsfeld will go down in history, along with McNamara, as one of the worst secretaries of defense in history.”

SotU Guests’ Presence Meaningful in Some Way

Here’s something you might find fascinating:

Presidents use their State of the Union speeches to send a message to Congress, but lawmakers are increasingly using their guest tickets to send a message right back at him.

For last night’s address, Rep. Jim Langevin, Rhode Island Democrat, invited actor Michael J. Fox, whose campaign commercials [...]

Unabomber Wants Creative Control over His Life’s Work

No explosion puns here, as the so-called “Unabomber,” convicted of sending bombs through the mail, wants to retain creative control over 40,000 pages of crazy scribblings and typings he made during his years of terror:

“Nine years after he began serving a life sentence for the Unabomber crimes, Theodore J. Kaczynski is fighting to reclaim [...]

Meterologists come out swinging

Responding to Weather Channel meteorologist, Heidi Cullen’s blog on revoking the AMS Seal of Approval for anyone who doesn’t agree with global warming findings, another meteorologist, James Spann put out his own blog explaining that most meterologist actually don’t subscribe to the theory. Spann goes on to say that most global warming hype is tied [...]

Getting Scootered out of a fair trial

The perjury trial of White House aide Lewis “Scooter” Libby continued on Wednesday with jury selection. ABCNews.com tells how they believe that the trial will become a political “bloodletting” when the witnesses start testifying.

Jury selection begins today in the trial of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick [...]