December 2006
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Replacing Senators and Representatives

On Wednesday, there was an article that caught my eye on the web site. It was written by Matthew Yglesias who was complaining about the way we replace members of Congress when they resign or die.

Americans are justifiably proud of our relatively stable political system and our ability to more-or-less continuously (there was [...]

President Gerald Ford, Dead at 93

The longest-living president, Gerald Ford, died yesterday at the age of 93. The Drudge Report pointed to an article in the Washington Post that summarized the life of the former president.

Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr., 93, who became the 38th president of the United States as a result of some of the most extraordinary events [...]

Merry Christmas! RIP James Brown.

James Brown has, unfortunately, passed on:

James Brown, the dynamic, pompadoured “Godfather of Soul,” whose rasping vocals and revolutionary rhythms made him a giant of R&B and an inspiration for rap, funk and disco, died early Christmas morning. He was 73.

Brown was hospitalized with pneumonia at Emory Crawford Long Hospital on Sunday and [...]

Merry Christmas from Hell!

I was perusing the lists of YouTube movies when I came upon this blast from the past. It was an abridged version of the Star Wars Holiday Special! It’s only five minutes long, but it gives you a taste of the shame and agony that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill had to endure [...]

Driving America right off the road

There have been several initiatives to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants as a way to track them while they work in this country. In a Washington Times commentary, Michelle Malkin explains to us why that this is an incredibly bad idea.

What’s the harm in allowing illegal aliens to have driver’s licenses? After all, [...]

We Live!

We survived the snowstorm here in Colorado, but it’s not over yet:

A paralyzing blizzard swept across the Front Range on Wednesday, dumping 20 inches of snow, grinding traffic to a near halt, shuttering Denver International Airport and prompting Gov. Bill Owens to declare a state of emergency.

With as much as 3 feet [...]

Ghost of Lincoln 1, Crossroads Casino 0

On Wednesday morning, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board voted down a gambling license for the Crossroads Resort and Spa, a $300 million casino which was going to be built on the edge of Gettysburg. The WGAL web site gave details on the long fought issue.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The state Gaming Control Board voted today [...]

Sean Penn talks about impeachment

Monday night, after receiving the Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award from The Creative Coalition in New York, actor and part-time activist Sean Penn once more called for the impeachment of President George W. Bush. The Editor and Publisher covered Penn’s rant.

NEW YORK Sean Penn, the actor and occasional foreign correspondent for the San Francisco [...]

Gates on the Stakes

The new Secretary of Defense speaks:

Robert Gates, the new defense secretary, wasted no time spelling out the stakes he sees in Iraq.

In his first public remarks as Pentagon chief, Gates warned Monday that failure in Iraq would be a “calamity” that would haunt the United States for years. He said he would go [...]

Congressional Black Caucus: Hire More “Minorities”

More diversity on Capitol Hill is requested:

The Congressional Black Caucus has asked Democratic leaders to hire more minorities to work for House committees and on lawmakers’ staffs, saying the dearth of diversity on Capitol Hill is a problem.

In a letter to House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi and the leaders of the Democratic Steering [...]

Death to the Income Tax!

In the Washington Times, George Mason University Professor Walter E. Williams wrote a compelling commentary on replacing all income-based taxes with a flat sales tax on all goods and services sold at the retail level.

Last year, talk-show host Neal Boortz and Rep. John Linder, Georgia Republican, co-authored “The FairTax Book: Saying Goodbye to the [...]

Santorum speaks out on Iraq-Iran connection

On Tuesday, there was an opinion piece by outgoing Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum in the National Online Review regarding the Iraq Study Group (ISG) and the policies of the U.S. Administration. One part of this article that stood out for me was his understanding of the role that Iran plays in Iraq and the overall [...]

Chimps Continue to Hoot, Grunt, Fling Shit

It’s like the monkey house at the zoo, these Holocaust revisionists:

Iran has pressed on with a controversial Holocaust conference as international outrage mounted over its hosting of “revisionist” historians who cast doubt on the mass slaughter of Jews in World War II.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Tuesday slammed the conference as [...]

Chimpanzees and Assorted Vermin Gather for Collective Grunting

Holocaust deniers unite:

Iran hosted Holocaust deniers from around the world Monday at a conference examining whether the Nazi genocide took place, a meeting Israel’s prime minister condemned as a “sick phenomenon.”

The 67 participants from 30 countries included former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and Holocaust skeptics who have been prosecuted in [...]

Save the Planet, eat more red meat!

In the latest global warming crisis study, the United Nations has reported that the livestock population is the greatest threat to the planet. In fact, the UK’s The Independent explains that the United Nations believes that methane from livestock has more affect on climate change than manmade CO2 levels.

Meet the world’s top destroyer of [...]