October 2006
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Party Lines Crossed

But not racial lines, apparently:

Former Prince George’s County Executive Wayne K. Curry and five fellow black Democrats on the county council excoriated their party yesterday and endorsed Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele, a Republican, for U.S. Senate.

“The [Democratic] Party acts as though when they want our opinion, they’ll give it to us. [...]

?He frequently loses control of his bladder and bowels, urinating and defecating himself.?

David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife tells all.

That’s pretty bad.

U.K. Taxing Global Warming

Tony Blair and the U.K. government have announced a series of new taxes that may be coming down the pike to combat global warming. From a column in The Sun, it describes that some 2 children households could be taxed as much as 1300 pounds ($2300) per year.

HARD-WORKING families face crippling new bills as [...]

Hating Your Boss

TigerHawk has some choice words for boss-haters, and quotes an article about the phenomenon at length.

My own thoughts below the fold.

(Thanks very much to Instapundit for the pointer.)


Seizing Terrorist Funds

From The Washington Times:

The U.S. military is not only trying to stop terrorists and arms from leaking into Iraq from Syria and Iran but also another just as dangerous commodity — cash.

It’s the lifeblood of the enemy — whether they be al Qaeda terrorists, death squads or Sunnis trying to evict American [...]

“Didn’t lose a drop, either.”

Taken out of context, anything can be made to look pretty horrible.

Here’s a bright idea: let’s stick to the issues!

30 Countries Protest Security Fence

Shortly after President Bush signed the bill into law to erect a 700-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, thirty countries have announced their backing for Mexico’s protests. The article by Sky News covered this newly-formed coalition and their cause.

Nearly 30 countries are backing Mexico in protests against plans by the US to erect a [...]

“Uncovered Meat”

Analogies are useful ways to explain complex phenomena, usually by placing the phenomena in another context. For example, comparing war to sports (and vice versa) is a favorite tactic. Comparing the last days of the insurgency to the death throes of a dying man is another. Here, a Muslim cleric in Australia compared an unveiled [...]

Photo of the Week

Women dress a pig during the first salo-lovers (pig’s fat-lovers) championship in the town of Lutsk, 400 km (249 miles) north-west of Ukraine’s capital Kiev October 22, 2006.

The Melting Pot: Letter by Candidate Nguyen Used to Intimidate Latino Voters

As you may know, “Republican congressional candidate Tan Nguyen, a Vietnamese immigrant who hopes to defeat Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-California,” sent out a letter to 14,000 “Spanish-surnamed” Democratic voters in Orange County.

“Written in Spanish, the letter threatens: “You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an [...]

I’m Not Sure if I Agree

On the flight home from Boston on October 15, Aggie and I both caught colds, which took us by the scruff of our necks and shook us like a terrier shakes a chew toy three days later. If blowing snot into soft pieces of paper was an Olympic sport, I’d have earned a gold medal. [...]

A Few Words from the Site Administrator

My absence from general posting and commenting is due more to trips out of state and recent illness than anything else. Once my typical routine reasserts itself, I should be back to a somewhat more regular contribution level.

Special thanks to Morgan and Josh for their excellent efforts in keeping this website going.

Madonna and the “Adopted” African Child: How Well Was the Biological Father Informed?

Earlier, I reported, wrongly, that the father was all for the adoption:

“The biological father of Baby David – the 13-month-old boy adopted by Madonna on Wednesday criticized human rights groups seeking to reverse the move and said his child should stay with the star… Yohane Banda, the biological father of the child makes a [...]

War on Terror/War of Propaganda: “…there was arrogance and stupidity…”

Another salvo in the propaganda war:

“Alberto Fernandez, director of the Office of Press and Public Diplomacy in the Bureau of Near East Affairs [in the U.S. State Department], made his comments on Saturday to [Al Jazeera] the Qatar-based network. “History will decide what role the United States played,” he told Al Jazeera in Arabic, [...]

CNN Airs Death of U.S. Soldier

On Wednesday night on “Andersen Cooper 360″, CNN aired a video of the death of an American soldier from the point of view of the sniper. On the video, the sound of a gun crack is heard and the soldier in the video suddenly slumps forward in the turret. The report of CNN airing the [...]