April 2006
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A Week for Truly Horrible Analogies

(Previous truly horrible analogy here.)

California Democrats support an illegal immigrant walkout:

California’s state senators on Thursday endorsed Monday’s boycott of schools, jobs and stores by illegal immigrants and their allies as supporters equated the protest with great social movements in American history.

By a 24-13 vote that split along party lines, the California [...]

More Adventures in Bad Science

While discussing the evidence of global warming with some climatologists, I came across a science article that gave me a good chuckle. The article from the BBC News web site discusses the possibility that farmers in the middle ages caused global warming to occur through the deforestation of Europe.

Europe’s “Little Ice Age” may have [...]

If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

It’s because Bush chopped it down to make torture implements! The Moderate Voice once again shows us the true meaning of “moderation,” which apparently means, “Blame Bush.”

The best part is in the comments, when the author tries to further explain what may be the most strained analogy in the history of rhetoric.

(Thanks to [...]


“No reasonable middle-aged woman would want to be put up there before a group of young men, turned around to show her buttocks, get spanked and called abusive names, and told it was to increase sales and motivate employees.” –Attorney Nicholas “Butch” Wagner

“gulp…gulp…ahhhh…” –Von

Bush Picks FOX News Analyst to be Press Secretary

The jokes may be obvious, but Tony Snow may have a credential or two to earn the spot:

“Fox analyst named Bush press secretary: Snow replaces McClellan as White House continues makeover”

Snow has had some colorful things to say about the President in the past. Media Matters has some suggested questions from the press [...]

Photo of the Week

Iraqis on Wednesday condemned terror mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as a foreigner determined to destroy their country, saying his new video promising more attacks may have surfaced in response to the breakthrough in the formation of a unity government.

The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not “insurgents” or “terrorists” or [...]

Tax Gas Until the Price Goes Down

NOTE: Originally posted by Morgan.

On Monday, Governor Ed. Rendell gave a press conference at a local gas station and ranted about how unfair the high gas prices were and called on President Bush and Congress to create a windfall profits tax on oil companies. The story was outlined in the Harrisburg Patriot-News.

Gov. Ed [...]

Keith Hernandez: “I love you gals out there — always have”

Note: Updated post

New York Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez doesn’t think “gals” belong in the dugouts of men’s professional baseball teams:

“Hernandez made the remarks during the second inning of New York’s 8-1 victory in San Diego on Saturday night. Mike Piazza homered for the Padres and exchanged a high-five in the dugout with 33-year-old [...]

How Palestinian Democracy Works

Here’s a nice illustration of how Palestinian democracy works:

“The moderate Palestinian Authority president [Mahmoud Abbas] publicly warned Hamas militants on Monday that he has the authority to bring down their month-old government, and told them it was high time they recognized Israel…

“The constitution gives me clear and definite authority to remove a government [...]

Ohio Wedding Shanking

What the heck is going on in Ohio?

RAYMOND, Ohio — A man who was growing impatient about the cake-cutting at a wedding reception allegedly stabbed the bride’s father and brother Saturday afternoon.

Eric D. Adams was taken into custody without incident after the stabbing at the Liberty Township Community Center, according to the [...]


“Too soon!” –Reported audience reaction to a trailer advertising the movie United 93

“Hey, was Fahrenheit 9/11 ‘too soon?’” –David, Waterglass Administrator

Republican Shake-Up/Transition

It was Jimmy Shaker Day for Scott McClellan, who follows the lead of Andrew Card and resigned from White House employ.

“McClellan announced his departure after two years as press secretary saying his departure was right during a “time of transition.” “I have given it my all, sir,” McClellan said.”

Bush said, “It’s going [...]

Pollution now helps against Global Warming

One of the few shows I get to watch on a regular basis is NOVA on our local PBS station. To my astonishment, this episode was called “Dimming the Sun” and it was described how the pollution from airplane contrails is actually helping counteract the effects of the greenhouse gases.

One study looked at the [...]

Ludicrous on a Level Heretofore Unmeasured by Man, Part Two

Remember this story? Defense Tech has a follow-up:

Here’s the situation: the U.S. Army is short on bullets. And only two companies can supply ‘em. One’s in East Alton, Illinois. The other’s in Israel.

That’s a problem, American lawmakers say. The Army, back in December, inked a $70 million deal with Israel Military Industries [...]

Photo of the Week

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said yesterday that retired generals’ calls for his resignation are rooted in opposition to his push to streamline and restructure the Army.