December 2005
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So Now There Are Militant Moderates

Joe at TMV says that this definition of a “militant moderate” is “the best explanation perhaps ever written.” Let’s take a look at it.

First paragraph: writer complains that the lonely position of being a moderate causes others to falsely label moderates otherwise, or disbelieve in their “moderation.” This isn’t unusual, seeing that moderates don’t [...]


I’m the luckiest boy in the world!

I want to thank Sam, and…and my mom, and my wife who stuck by me despite the stupid guesses that it was Janeane Garofalo every week when it obviously wasn’t most of the time.

I’d print out the post and put it on the refrigerator except that [...]

An Overinflated Ego Knows No Ideological Bounds

Did you ever see that movie The Star Chamber, with Hal Holbrook and Michael Douglas? The plot is that a group of judges, sick of the way certain violent criminals are let go because of technicalities in the law, set up a private judicial system where criminals who are let go because of some legal [...]


John Demjanjuk, left, is helped by former son-in-law Ed Nichnis as he arrives for a deportation hearing at the federal office building in Cleveland on Feb. 28, 2005. Chief U.S. Immigration Judge Michael Creppy on Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2005, ordered Demjanjuk, accused of being a Nazi concentration camp guard, deported to his native Ukraine.


Time Wasting Site of the Week

I am a huge fan of puzzles and thought-provoking games. A particularly sadistic friend of mine pointed me to this Japanese site. There are three puzzles involving trying to get out of a room using the pieces left in there. The puzzles are very complex, but you can search around for some walk-throughs.

My [...]

Annotated Conversation: Two African American Men on a Bus

I ride the bus everyday to work. The bus runs along a major street, starting from downtown and going all the way to the outskirts of the city proper, a good 5 miles or so. My wife and I sit in the back of the bus, usually. It’s less crowded there, especially when university is [...]

You Can’t Quit, I’m Firing You!

Or so goes the headline:

Putin dismisses outspoken adviser

Which makes it seem that Putin fired Andrei Illarionov, Russia’s chief economic advisor.

“MOSCOW, Russia (AP) — Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has dismissed a top economic adviser who said he was resigning because he could no longer work in a government that had done away [...]

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution: Knowing When to Say When

The Dover school district has agreed not to go overboard and remove the ID vs. Evolution argument completely from the schools. In this article from WGAL, the school board agreed to keep some books on intelligent design within the school’s library.

A judge ruled that teaching intelligent design in science class would be unconstitutional. But [...]

Waterglass Contest Results

All the votes are in, and it’s time to pick the Best of The Waterglass 2005. Thanks to all three of you who took the time to vote!

Best Photo of the Week A category that tries to strike a balance between the timely and the timeless, from the memorable to the fad of the [...]

Self-Righteous European Hypocrisy Reaches All-Time High

Clearly, the Europeans aren’t thinking of the “children:”

Britain and Sweden are the only European countries honouring their Kyoto commitments to cut greenhouse gasses, according to a think-tank report.

Although the US is portrayed as the ecological villain for refusing to sign up to the agreement, 10 out of the 15 European Union signatories [...]

Movie Review: Syriana

I saw Syriana last week, actually, but even the current event based film doesn’t lose its “relevance” after a week.

Syriana is a complex movie, cut in the mold of Traffic, with multiple story lines that come together, somewhat loosely, at the end. I pride myself as being up on current events, which includes learning [...]

Commercial Dispute, Hooliganism, or Terrorism?

Maybe it’s all three:

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) — More than 70 people were sickened after gas was released Monday in a chain store and boxes with glass containers attached to wires were found in three other outlets of the same store. Police said they believed a commercial dispute or blackmail attempt was behind the [...]

More Moderate Self-Definition

I’ve been looking to define what, exactly, a moderate is. Previous comments on so-called moderates can be found here and here. It’s been my feeling that moderates can only define themselves in terms of what they aren’t (you can’t categorize ME!), and that for the most part they tend to crow very loudly about how [...]

Movie Review: Munich

I wish I could say that despite its horribly miscalibrated moral compass, sickeningly fictionalized history, and left-wing Israel Delenda Est agitprop, Munich was an entertaining film. It’s not. It’s overlong, tiresome, and mind-numbingly didactic. It’s Noam Chomsky telling you to eat your vegetables; there are starving people in Palestine, don’t you know. There are two [...]

Obligatory Yultide Post

Have a RamaHanuKwaanzMas, from all of us at The Waterglass.

Even the so-called “moderates.”