November 2005
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Photo of the Week

If you’re going to have a Christmas tree, then call it a Christmas tree. Don’t pussyfoot around it and call it a “Holiday Tree” or a “Yuletide Tree” or a “Pan-denominational, Inoffensive Special Day Symbol.” That’s silly.

I’m Jewish. My wife Aggie isn’t. This year, she wants a Christmas tree, so I figured, why [...]

A Culture of Corruption Versus a Culture of Corruption?

From Jeff Goldstein, we are pointed to this exchange regarding the withdrawal of troops from Iraq:

Ellen Ratner, the short, liberal side of The Long & the Short of It on Fox & Friends Weekend, just let the liberal cat out of the bag. Discussing the Democrats’ approach to Iraq withdrawal proposals, Ratner admitted:

“If [...]

The Berenstain Bears Go to a Funeral

In very sad news, Stan Berenstain, co-creator of the Berenstain bears and husband of of the other co-creator, Jan Berenstain, has died:

“PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) — He was 82 and lived in Bucks County. He died in Pennsylvania on Saturday, said Audra Boltion, a spokeswoman for HarperCollins Children’s Books in New York. In more than [...]

Culture of Corruption? Scandals Know No Ideology

Two recent scandals, one in Canada and one in California, demonstrate that when it comes to greed, ideology is checked at the door:

In Canada:

“The Liberal minority government fell Monday evening in a no-confidence vote, a year and five months since the day it was elected. Three opposition parties – the Conservatives, the leftist [...]

So Is this Guy a Complete Idiot, or What?

Minimal posting today on my part, and I’m going after the low-hanging fruit; the bastards that employ me actually expect me to do things at work. Go figure. I point you to the words of one of the biggest imbeciles on the planet, Ted Turner:

Media mogul Ted Turner said Monday that Iraq is “no [...]

Hostess Chocolicious Wonka Cakes: An Adventure in Gustation

Fellow Waterglass blogger Joshua recently sent me a box of Hostess Chocolicious Wonka Cakes, upon hearing that I couldn’t easily obtain such a delicacy in my part of Colorado. What follows is a documentation of opening and consuming one of the “8 individually wrapped cakes” filled with “purplicious” cream. Special thanks to Aggie, who did [...]

Exopolitics and the Coming Intergalactic War

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about this holiday season, now we have to worry about intergalactic war:

“On September 25, 2005, in a startling speech at the University of Toronto,” organized by the Canada-based Toronto Exopolitics Symposium, “that caught the attention of mainstream newspapers and magazines, Paul Hellyer, Canada?s Defence Minister from [...]

Wax Off

Pat Morita, who played Mr. Miyagi in those great Karate Kid movies, died:

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — Actor Pat Morita, whose portrayal of the wise and dry-witted Mr. Miyagi in “The Karate Kid” earned him an Oscar nomination, has died. He was 73. Morita died Thursday at his home in Las Vegas of natural [...]

I Guess I’m Weighing in After All

Whew! Taking a break from cooking birds and other things to lend you my view on OSM/Pajamas Media. To those of you who don’t know what OSM is, I’m not surprised, because I don’t really know either. I think it was supposed to be an advertising service hosted on blogs like BlogAds, but now it [...]


Hey, have a happy and fun Thanksgiving, everyone. Drive safe.

Photo of the Week

A female teacher whose sexual liaisons with a 14-year-old middle school student made tabloid headlines has avoided prison time by pleading guilty to having sex with the boy in a classroom and at her home. Debra Lafave, 25, will serve three years of house arrest and seven years of probation. She pleaded guilty Tuesday [...]

Today’s World Political Level: Orange!

Like no other color, orange is in the news today. First, in a national referendum, Kenya rejected a constitutional proposal endorsed by their president that would have expanded executive powers. In this political fight, the pro-constitution was symbolized by a banana, and the anti-constitution was symbolized by an orange. Orange won:

“Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki [...]

“Heyyy, Davey. Let’s Blow up Some Jews.”

This cartoon sort of reminds me of a militant Islamist Davey and Goliath:

Iranian state television has broadcast a cartoon that glorifies suicide bombings against Israelis, depicting a young boy blowing himself up after being told: “Go and show the Zionists how brave and heroic are the children of Palestine.”

The cartoon, one of [...]

Who’s He Talking To?

Vice-President Dick Cheney continues to administer general spankings to Democrats who maintain that President Bush lied us into a war with Iraq:

“It is a dangerous illusion to suppose that another retreat by the civilized world would satisfy the appetite of the terrorists and get them to leave us alone,” Mr. Cheney said in a [...]

White House Trying to Silence Critics?

Donald Rumsfeld says that the political fight over Iraq may be harming troop morale:

Commanders are telling Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld that ground troops do not understand the generally negative press that their missions receive, despite what they consider significant achievements in rebuilding Iraq and instilling democracy….

Mr. Rumsfeld appeared on several Sunday talk [...]