February 2005
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Insurgents Continue To Target Iraqi Police Recruits

This is horrific:

“BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — In the deadliest single insurgent attack of the Iraq war, a suicide car bombing killed 125 people Monday in Hilla where police recruits were waiting to get physicals, Iraqi government and health officials said. The attack wounded more than 150 others when the car bomb detonated outside a [...]

Dispelling all Doubt

John Hawkins proves that Ted Rall is the one referred to in the expression, “Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and dispel all doubt.”

Ultimately, though, addressing Rall’s inanity winds up being the epitome of another cliche: “Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes [...]


“Americans would like to ignore foreign policy. Our previous attempts at isolationism were successful. Unfortunately, they were successful for Hitler’s Germany and Tojo’s Japan. Evil is an outreach program. A solitary bad person, sitting alone, harboring genocidal thoughts, and wishing he ruled the world is not a problem unless he lives next to us in [...]

Spam May Cure HIV

Or, better put, the fight against email spam may lead researchers to the cure for HIV.

CNET reports today in their article “Microsoft: Antispam tools assist HIV research” that the tools being developed to anaylze patterns in spam and legitimate email messages may have value in finding previously unknown patterns in HIV strain mutations.

“The [...]

Photo of the Week

MAINZ, Germany – President Bush and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder insisted Wednesday that Iran not develop nuclear weapons, and the two discussed tactics on how to coax Tehran into giving up its nuclear ambitions….

The two spoke during Bush’s nine-hour stop here during his trip to Belgium, Germany and Slovakia, where the president will [...]

The Relative Importance of Daddy Truck, Baby Truck

Joshua first reported on Lawrence Summers’ words here.

I’d read about the hysterical shrieking that ensued from Summers’ controversial speech, but had written it off as the typical ultra-feminist codswallop passing itself as “Women’s Studies” in academia:

Nancy Hopkins, a biologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, walked out on Summers’ talk, saying later that if [...]

Yet Another Political Compass Test

From Tim Blair, I learn horrible things about my Moral Politics according to this test:

You scored 2.5 on the Moral Order axis and -8 on the Moral Rules axis.


The following items best match your score:

System: Conservatism Variation: Economic Conservatism Ideologies: Ultra Capitalism US Parties: No match. Presidents: Ronald Reagan (90.89%) 2004 [...]

Does Rove’s Sinister Genius Know No Bounds?

Apparently not, according to Democratic congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY):

Well, you know, they are manipulating the media, they did it in the very beginning through intimidation. They would intimidate the people in the, uh, in the press conference. And … they would ask ? they would allow questions to be asked only of people that [...]

Daddy Truck, Baby Truck

The NYTimes linked to a transcript of the Lawrence Summers, President of Harvard speech and Q&A given at an economics conference. The conference theme was “Diversifying the Science & Engineering Workforce.” In this speech, Summers allegedly argued that reasons for women’s low participation in the science and engineering labor force may be due to biological [...]


“It is improper to consider personal danger when the public welfare is at stake.”

– Maimonides

Update on Teo Peter’s Death

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, we learn a lot more about the story first reported on here. Though the article is archived, I was fortunate enough to get the entire text of the article from interested sources. I will quote the relevant parts here:

The mechanics of the wreck seemed rather routine, but it involved a [...]

Iraq Election Results

Here are the Iraq election results:

IRAQI ELECTION RESULTS Total votes cast: 8.56 million, a turnout of 58 percent Al-Sistani group: 4.08 million Kurdish group: 2.17 million Allawi group: 1.17 million

Source: Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq So…

– the Shiite alliance had won about 48 percent of the popular vote, it would hold [...]

When Bad Bloggers Target Good People

Tim Blair fisks the Gray Lady’s explanation of the Eason Jordan affair.

So, it’s okay to report lies, innuendo, and unproven assertions as truth as long as you went to j-school and work for a “real” news outlet. But it’s not okay when people who simply want to know what really happened call you on [...]

Ward Churchill Update

Yes, I’m giving this puke more attention than he deserves.

First, a professor you’ve never heard of from a college you’ve never heard of is quitting “under duress” because she made the brilliant decision to invite Ward Churchill as a speaker:

Nancy Rabinowitz of Hamilton College said she was resigning “under duress” as director of [...]

Talking to North Korea

A recent news item reminded me of one of the key differences between Kerry’s foreign policy plans and Bush’s:

“A North Korean official has reiterated Pyongyang’s demand for two-way talks with the United States, a day after North Korea said it will abandon six-party negotiations on its nuclear weapons program and bolster its arsenal. The [...]