December 2004
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Martha Stewart’s Lunch Eaten

The Decorating Diva loses prison decorating contest:

NEW YORK – Martha Stewart, who built a billion-dollar media empire based on her holiday and home decorating tips, was unable to lead her team to victory in a prison decoration contest, a magazine reported.

Stewart and a team of fellow inmates at a federal prison camp [...]

Sunbathing in Hell

I apologize for my absence. Since the death of my mother a couple of months ago, it’s been tough to stir up enough emotion to write……until this.

According to an article in The Advertiser, amongst the death and devastation, tourist have come back to the beaches for tanning and drinking tropical mixes on the beach.



“It’s never the end of the world. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.”

–Charles M. Schultz

HIV Skepticism

Dean’s done the work, and it’d be an injustice to quote him even partially. Go look.

Who Let the Dogs Drive? Woof, Woof Woof

As if we need ANOTHER reason for why dogs shouldn’t drive trucks:

“SPRINGDALE, Arkansas (AP) — Michael Henson left the auto parts store with more problems than when he arrived. For that, he can thank his dog. Henson, whose truck had been experiencing a sticking throttle, left his dog in the truck when he went [...]

Photo of the Week

Pyres of victims who were killed by tidal waves burn on the beach at Alappad, in the southern Indian state of Kerala, Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2004. More than 55,000 people have been killed across south and southeast Asia following a massive earthquake close to Indonesia on Sunday, which triggered devastating tsunamis.


Never Fails

There is one constant, no matter what the situation: hatred of Jews.

Israel has cancelled plans to send a 150-person rescue mission to Sri Lanka after the devastated island objected to the military composition of the team. The delegation – including 60 soldiers – had been due to set off on Tuesday to help after [...]


Sorry for the absence; the active members of The Waterglass Blog Staff have been hanging out offline for the holidays. We’ve now returned, and normal blogging should continue shortly.

Photo of the Week

The World Wildlife Fund has a list of items you shouldn’t buy for Christmas. It includes animal products, plant products, and, to quote the article, “Finally, the WWF advised shoppers to avoid buying appliances like televisions and stereos that consume large amounts of electricity while on standby, arguing that the drain on energy they [...]

Puck Schmuck, Redux

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the day after I posted the “Puck Schmuck” report, Orbitz changed the “puck schmuck” sign to “go ICE yourself.” Being the intrepid investigative reporter I am, I intrepiditly investigated the goings-on. Since everything occurs in “cyber”space, my investigations are really just emails to Orbitz. Here is the exchange:


Election Time in Iraq: Good News?

As Iraq “gears up” for Jan. 30, 2005 elections, I don’t see a lot of progress. Day after day, more terrorist acts that kill Iraqis and Americans. Today, 22 killed in attack on U.S. base in Iraq. Last Sunday, “Officials reported 52 deaths in Najaf … and 16 in another bombing about 50 miles (80 [...]

Book Asserts that President Lincoln Was Gay, Part Two

Josh broke the original story here.

Dan Flynn of Flynn Files points us to statements made by the author of the Lincoln book:

DR TRIP: “If you go out and masturbate dogs – I was very good at this when I was a boy-the dog will love you to pieces because the dog has no [...]

Ha Ha Ha … Idiot.

Stupidity is evenly distributed around the world:

Joke Text Message Triggers Terror Alert

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – An Italian tourist aboard a flight from Sydney to Vienna caused an international security alert after he sent a joke text message from his cell phone to his wife claiming his plane had been hijacked by terrorists, [...]

The Essence of Heroism

Power Line points us to this article written by Oliver North:

On the morning of November 15, 2004, the men of 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines awoke before sunrise and continued what they had been doing for seven days previously – cleansing the city of Fallujah of terrorists house by house.

At the fourth house they [...]

Book Asserts That President Lincoln Was Gay

A book asserts that “Four Score and Seven Years Ago” President Lincoln, the man every school child save the ones in Cary Christian Schools believes freed the slaves, is gay:

“The subject of the 16th president’s sexuality has been debated among scholars for years. They cite his troubled marriage to Mary Todd and his youthful [...]