November 2004
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Burlington Marxist Murderer Coat Factory Part Dos

Val gives us an update on the issue described here:

Apparently, Burlington has pulled the t-shirts off the floor in some markets and issued a statement on the subject. WSVN News, which ran the story, doesnt have a link up on their website yet so that I may post the press release verbatim. But, it [...]

Alf Science

What the heck is “Alf Science?” On CBS’ “Caught on Tape,” they have an animal rights activist spraypainting “ALF SCIENCE” on a wall.

Ah! When I checked goooooogle, I learn this:

“The Animal Liberation Front sent videos to a number of media outlets this week showing at three activists plus the camera operator breaking into [...]

You Can’t Fire Me! I QUIT!

In a rare moment, you have two major news agencies reporting vastly different takes on the same story. Not that many readers here will find the true story interesting, but it shows how rivals can disagree, leaving the reader wondering “huh?”

The upshot is that Cleveland Browns coach Butch Davis is no longer the [...]

Her Hair Was…Amazing

On last night’s O’Reilly Factor, there was a story about a parent named Laura Stanley who took her kids out of school because it was the school district’s “Spirit Week” and the exciting thing to do for that day was dress like someone of the opposite sex. Laura has eight (!) kids, and claims that [...]

Racism for Thee, Not Me

Blogcritics shows us the ugly face of left-liberal racism:

Over the past few months, and peaking this week with her appointment, cartoonists have been using Dr. Rice’s race as a point of ridicule. Demeaning political cartoons by Pat Oliphant and Jeff Danziger accentuate Dr. Rice’s black features and feature her speaking in rural southern dialect. [...]


“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

–John Fitzgerald Kennedy

From Exasperation to Stomach-Clenching Disgust

Val points us to this ad for a onesie.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now, and I just can’t wrap my head around it. What are these people thinking? And when will we start seeing UBL bibs and Saddam Hussein plush toys?

I would like to think that the designers and [...]

Photo of the Week

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, folks!

(I’m the one on the left.)

Partisan Hack Steps Down

Dan Rather is finally quitting, sort of:

NEW YORK ? Veteran newsman Dan Rather announced Tuesday that he would step down as anchor of “CBS Evening News” in March, the 24th anniversary of his taking over the job from Walter Cronkite.

The move comes just months after Rather, 73, was taken to task for [...]

Diversity for Me, Not Thee

Mark Bauerlein talks about the problem of left-liberal groupthink in academia:

Conservatives on college campuses scored a tactical hit when the American Enterprise Institute’s magazine published a survey of voter registration among humanities and social-science faculty members several years ago. More than nine out of 10 professors belonged to the Democratic or Green party, an [...]

It’s What the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Eat

It only took $28,000 dollars to pry a grilled cheese sandwich from the hands of a Florida work-from-home jewlery designer:

“MIAMI – A woman who said her 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich bore the image of the Virgin Mary will be getting a lot more bread after the item sold for $28,000 on eBay.”

It was [...]

Even in Detriot, Player-Fan Brawls are Rare

Maybe you have seen the video:

“AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — Players and fans exchanged punches in the stands near the end of a Pacers-Pistons game Friday night in one of the worst brawls in NBA history. The mayhem left several people injured and prompted a police investigation. Indiana’s Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson charged into [...]

Some Random Thoughts After a Business Trip

1) There are concrete reasons why United Airlines is facing bankruptcy. One of the most obvious is the level of customer service. When you’re in a hole, for survival’s sake you should stop digging. I cannot tell you how many times I was on the verge of suggesting to surly United employee after surly United [...]

No Matter Who Runs, The Rules Remain the Same

William Safire praised Bush’s choices for his Administration:

“I like all this musical-chairing, with experienced insiders getting upside exposure and with fresh faces soon to carry out the Bush campaign promises. No “range of exhausted volcanoes” will slow the action, in a phrase of Disraeli’s quoted by the re-elected Nixon. This president is no sore [...]


“Everything that is worthwhile in life is scary. Choosing a school, choosing a career, getting married, having kids–all those things are scary. If it is not fearful, it is not worthwhile.”

–Paul Tornier

I found this particularly applicable to my current personal situation as I contemplate a major career move. I think, however, the sentiment [...]