October 2004
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Prediction for Nov. 2, 2004

Here is my prediction for the Nov. 2, 2004 election for the office of President of the United States of America:

Even before the Democratic Convention, I had this suspicion. The signs were unmistakable. As I read the news and the polls, my suspicions became more and more verifiable. I began to think, “how can [...]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I’m off to make pumpkin pie.

Site Maintenance

This website has been spammed for the past few hours by some truly sickening web porn. Comments to many recent posts have been disabled.

If there truly is a God, I am sure He reserves a place in Hell for spammers that would make even the most jaded demon writhe in horror.

Ohio: The Center of the Universe

Apparently, Ohio is the center of the universe or, at least, the current American political universe. I heard a talking head on CNN this morning say that Columbus, Ohio, where I live and resonate, has been bombarded with 18,000 political campaign commercials, a total only of the Kerry and Bush adverts.

Yesterday, Kerry and [...]

More Franco-Jewish Amity

From Protein Wisdom we learn this bit of news:

PARIS, Oct. 28 (Xinhuanet) — France will be always on the side of the Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat, French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier declared Thursday.

“France, as I told you (Arafat) in Ramallah on June 30, will be always on your side to back [...]


“Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good.”

–Henry Louis Mencken

And Now from the Middle East…

Arafat’s going to a hospital in Ramallah.

Arafat’s health crisis has highlighted how unprepared the Palestinians are for their leader’s death, making a chaotic transition period all but inevitable. Arafat has refused to groom a successor, fearing an impatient protege could turn on him.

No leader of Arafat’s stature and popularity is waiting in [...]

Photo of the Week

I know we’re all thinking about the election, but to stave off the inevitable burnout that will come of too much political news, I offer this bit of good news as the Photo of the Week:

MADRID (AFP) – It’s official: Olive oil is good for you, according to conclusions published by a group [...]

Sinclair Scores Pyhrric Victory

Other reviews of Sinclair’s tempered yet horribly biased broadcast are available on the web. One by the Baltimore Sun (Sinclair is based in Maryland) is good:

“Sinclair Broadcast’s program featuring material from a documentary critical of John Kerry aired Friday night, devoting as much coverage to the controversy as the film that sparked the uproar. [...]

Yet Another Honest Mistake from the Gray Lady

The explosives that went missing in Iraq that the New York Times so gleefully reported on? Happened before we got there.

Drudge talks about it.

It’s okay. Just an honest mistake. It’d just be nice if the NYT’s honest mistakes would happen to President Bush’s benefit, instead of his detriment. Of course, it could all [...]

Jenjis Khan Would Be Horrified

Swift Geese Veterans for the Truth speak out.

(Thanks to ?No Pasar?n! for the pointer.)

I Don’t Care Who Wins Anymore

Just as long as it isn’t close. From Lileks, we get this piece of news:

Sen. John Kerry, bracing for a potential fight over election results, will not hesitate to declare victory Nov. 2 and defend it, advisers say. He also will be prepared to name a national security team before knowing whether he’s secured [...]

British Left Shows True Colours

From the UK’s Guardian, we get an opinion piece calling for the murder of the President of the United States:

On November 2, the entire civilised world will be praying, praying Bush loses. And Sod’s law dictates he’ll probably win, thereby disproving the existence of God once and for all. The world will endure four [...]

Liar, Liar, Lying Pants on Fibbing Fire

The Daily Recycler has a video clip that must be seen to be believed. I don’t think I’ve seen someone break down on television so thoroughly since Bud Dwyer ventilated his skull on Eyewitness News. Can’t we just give O’Neill and O’Donnell a pair of tent pegs and let them work it out somewhere?


Escape from Politics with Some Mindless Friday Afternoon Fun

I’ve just spent an hour playing 20 Questions with a computer. You’d think that this sort of game would work where I ask the computer questions to find out what it’s “thinking” of. But in this game you get to think of something and the computer guesses. More times than not so far, the AI [...]