August 2004
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Can We Win the War on Terrorism?

Jeff Jarvis talks about this issue, in brief.

The best part is the comments, especially this little gem:

Second, your attitude towards “terrorism” is what keeps this kind of warmongering alive because, it may be terrorism to YOU but it is WAR to the attackers. This is what people just don’t get. They are freedom [...]

9/11 Toys? This, Too, Is Unbelievable

You have to click on the link to see the toys:

Toy 1 Toy 2

This has to be a hoax. Ok, here’s the story:

Toy In Candy Bag Appears To Depict 9/11 Attack

“ORLANDO, Fla. — A bag of candy shocked a local grandmother and will most likely shock you. The toy inside looks [...]

Worse than Marathon Man

Oh, my GOD:

In August, the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners revoked the license of John Hall of Cornelius, N.C., based on a finding that he for some reason had been injecting his semen into the mouths of several patients during office visits. He had tearfully denied the charges, but his semen was found [...]

The Question(ing) of Patriotism

James Taranto talks about a patriotism problem with Democratic candidates:

Surely it is fair for any politician to take issue with his opponent’s official acts. And if those acts were motivated by something other than antipathy toward America–as any fair-minded observer must presume they were–they could have been defended on their merits. Instead, Democrats themselves [...]

My Big Fat Greek Protest

According to AP, Secretary of State Colin Powell has canceled his trip to Greece amid whining protests:

Communist Party member Aristotelis Gontikas said Powell’s cancelation was a victory for those opposed to American policies and was not targeted at Americans.

“I believe that the reaction of the Greek people still counts. It is not [...]

But What about FOX NEWS?

Power Line shows us another disgusting example of biased reporting from the Gray Lady:

The national counsel for President Bush’s re-election campaign resigned on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after he acknowledged that he had provided legal advice to a veterans group that has leveled unsubstantiated attacks on Senator John Kerry’s Vietnam War record in [...]


“Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers.”

–Mignon McLaughlin

One for Joshua

From Michelle Malkin, we are pointed to an article in the Boston Globe about how the color red is considered too traumatic to use when grading papers and tests:

When it comes to correcting papers and grading tests, purple is emerging as the new red.

“If you see a whole paper of red, it looks [...]

My Man Bob Dole

Bob Dole ran for office during a Presidential election that didn’t make military service a prerequisite for winning a campaign. The more cynical (like me) would probably opine that this was because the veteran in question was a Republican, while the individual who didn’t serve was a Democrat. Here’s part of a transcript of an [...]

Hot Sauce! PG-13 Well Past Its Bar (Bat) Mitzvah

As CNN reports, the PG-13 rating turns 20 years old:

“It has been two decades since the summer of 1984, when “Gremlins” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” caused an uproar among some parents who took their young children to the PG-rated films and walked out wishing the rating had suggested more guidance [...]

Photo of the Week

GAZA (Reuters) – Gunmen ambushed the commander of the Palestinian intelligence service in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, wounding him, killing two bodyguards and fueling fears of spreading chaos….

After four years of an uprising against Israel, Palestinians are increasingly vocal in calling for change from a leadership that has not delivered an independent [...]

Confab my Nets

The DrudgeReport linked to an article entitled:

“Nets set GOP confab plan”

Apparently “Variety,” America’s source for entertainment news, is the source of the article. There are so many jargon words and abbreviations as to make the article virtually unreadable. For instance:

“The public apparently doesn’t want the broadcast nets to turn over their primetime [...]

The Use of Torture in DoD Detention Operations

Commissioned by the Secretary of Defense, an independent panel examined the abuses at Abu Ghraib and other DoD detention operations. They issued this report.

Earlier, I presented a plausible scenario of how the scandal unfolded and the extent to which cabinet officials would be held accountable. I argued that while Rumsfeld’s actions would precipitate such [...]

Are there No Safe Places Anywhere?

Some call it “The Throne.” It is man’s last refuge: the bathroom. There, in peace, with staunch and immutable norms in place that no one, NO ONE, disturbs a man sitting on the toilet, can a man sit and feel at ease. Of course, if he is constipated or has other related troubles, he may [...]

Movies Review: The Village and Collateral

My wife and I enjoyed another double feature at the expense of our local movies theatre. This time, we saw M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village” and Michael Mann’s “Collateral.” This movies review contains no spoilers.

The Village

Clearly not one of M. Night Shyamalan’s best. It qualifies as interesting and watchable because of the directorial [...]