July 2004
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Same Talking Points, Different Democrat

Christopher Hitchens takes exception to one of the more ludicrous Kerry claims:

And then on Thursday night, Sen. Kerry quite needlessly proposed a contradiction between “opening firehouses in Baghdad and shutting them in the United States of America.” Talk about a false alternative. To borrow the current sappy language of “making us safer”: Who would [...]

Still At Large

From the DrudgeReport comes this article:

Fat shoplifters on the rampage From correspondents in Johannesburg July 29, 2004

A GANG of oversized women shoplifters has been terrorising shopkeepers and supermarkets in the South African port city of Durban over the past two months, police said.

The gang targeted stores in the city’s crime-prone business district [...]


“Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.”

–Thomas Jefferson

I do find this to be true in many different situations. From staying calm in an emergency, to arguing with someone who’s not staying cool and unruffled, you have a clear advantage if [...]

“I think he inspired a nation tonight.”

I watched John Edwards speech. Jeremy Harris, the mayor of Honolulu, said it best:

“I think he inspired a nation tonight.”

I’ve watched many speeches over the past couple of days (I tape them from C-Span and fast-forward through the boring people you’ve (I’ve) never heard of). I watched Kennedy, Heinze-Kerry, Barak Obama, Mrs. Edwards, [...]

Problem A Voting

Firearms guru and author of the book The Art of the Rifle (among others) Jeff Cooper said (and I’m paraphrasing), “In a gunfight, there are only two problems: Problem A and Problem B. Problem A is saving your life: that’s what you deal with first. Problem B is everything else.” “Everything else” includes legal ramifications, [...]


A long time ago, and for some reason I now forget, I looked up “monkeys” on Google search engine. The first thing I found was the sea-monkeys official website. I took a look. On the “fun n’ games” section they have a “Speedway Race.” Here, you get a bird’s eye view of spermazoa-like sea-monkeys wriggling [...]

Photo of the Week

Seeing as this week’s the Democratic National Convention and all, I’ve decided to put up a picture of Democratic Presidential hopeful John Kerry as this week’s Photo of the Week:

Apparently, the Dems are claiming that NASA deliberately leaked this and photos like it to make Kerry look, um, stupid. Which would make NASA [...]

O’Reilly Vs. Moore: War of the Cartoon Characters

Every once and a while, the DrudgeReport has a gem. This is one of them, worth reading all the way through; a transcript of Bill O’Reilly and Michael Moore interviewing each other at the same time. Here are some choice cuts:

“O?Reilly: The issues? alright good, now, one of the issues is you because you?ve [...]

Is this a Joke?

Ace of Spades points us to a Jonah Goldberg column that would be the normal fare, except for the editorial comment at the end:

Jonah Goldberg is editor-at-large of National Review Online and a syndicated columnist. He will write daily columns this week from the Democratic convention in Boston. Next month, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, [...]

My Name Is Jimmy Carter

At the Democratic National Convention 2004, it’s a LOVE FEST. Here is the unity they’ve promised. (I wrote about the supposed unity before). They even let Jimmy Carter speak. Like all Presidents, Carter did bad things. I kind of like Jimmy Carter. I like the Carter Center for human rights and his association with Habitat [...]

More Vapors from the VRWC, or Something

From Captain’s Quarters, we get another peek into liberal media bias:

Howard Kurtz notes a disconnect in the coverage of Joe Wilson’s disintegrating credibility. In a secondary article of his Media Notes column, Kurtz has the numbers to demonstrate either a leftist bias or simply lousy and lazy journalism in the mainstream media….

In case [...]

Sperm Donated, Mouths Fed

In an unsettling settlement:

Sperm donor must pay child support

“HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (AP) — A state appeals court ruled that a verbal agreement between a woman and her sperm donor was invalid, and ordered the man to pay child support for the woman’s twins.

The three-judge panel ruled Thursday that the deal between Joel McKiernan [...]

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

I don’t know if anyone cares, but I thought this is slightly interesting:

“The final “Star Wars” prequel is just “Episode III” no more. Lucasfilm announced its new title Saturday: “Revenge of the Sith….

“Return of the Jedi” was originally to be titled “Revenge of the Jedi.” Some advance promotional material even featured that title, [...]

Revisiting Rawandan Genocide: Lessons and Accusations

In an effort for the West not to forget about the genocide in Rawanda, where 800,000 people died in 100 days:

Movies revisit Rwandan genocide

“A string of new movies are to tackle the Rwandan genocide, the first major films to tell the story of killings of 800,000 people 10 years ago. John Hurt stars [...]

Where’s the Exit Strategy on the War on Poverty?

Myron Magnet in the current issue of City Journal talks about the War on Poverty and the Civil Rights Movement:

The War on Poverty certainly didn?t cause the 1960s Cultural Revolution. Quite the reverse: it was itself the pure emanation of the new culture?s worldview. But it played such a decisive role in the formation [...]