February 2004
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Four years ago the President was elected by a plurality in an election that has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many voters and a country sharply divided by the results. Almost his entire first term has been overshadowed by war and serious threats to the security of the nation. Casualties among the [...]

The New York Times and Abraham Lincoln

Power Line examines The New York Times’ admitted error when it published an article about Presidents Lincoln and Bush:

The corrected article, which appeared on Feb. 10, was an analysis of a comment made by President Bush in his interview with Tim Russert to the effect that Vietnam was a “political war.” Bush said that [...]


Further commentary on living on the Dole…

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.”

– Mark Twain

The UN and the Jews

Anne Bayefsky, writing for Commentary Magazine, reports on anti-semitism and the UN:

It was not an event that any of the big newspapers saw fit to cover, but this past December, a draft United Nations resolution condemning anti-Semitism was quietly withdrawn by Ireland, its sponsor in the General Assembly. In a complicated exchange, Irish Foreign [...]

Carnival of the Vanities #75

The newest Carnival of the Vanities is up, with a link to my post on terrorism, violence, and pre-emption.

While I very much appreciate the link, I have no frickin’ idea where you could get the notion that I believe “terrorists are everywhere” from reading the post.

Psycho_logy Question

A friend of mine told me that this question was asked of all place on the Howard Stern show. Fortunately, I got it wrong. However, I thought it was clever.

A woman was attending the funeral of her mother. At the funeral, she met a handsome man and immediately fell in love with him. A [...]

Nightline, The Passion, and Joel Rosenberg

In this article, author and former aide to Benjamin Netanyahu Joel Rosenberg talks about his experience of seeing the film The Passion and having been interviewed by Ted Koppel after it:

As I told Koppel, my father was raised Orthodox Jewish in Brooklyn as a first-generation American. His parents and grandparents escaped out of a [...]

Photo of the Week

Check out this beauty. The UK’s The Sun newspaper reports that:

Bone idle Susan Moore has finally had her benefits stopped after an astonishing 16 YEARS on the dole.

Super-sponger Susan, 34, has not done a day?s work since dropping out of college in 1988.

But amazingly, she insists she isn?t lazy ? and [...]

Making Amendments

Well, President Bush finally did it: he’s putting his support behind a Constitutional Amendment that bans marriage between homosexuals:

“After more than two centuries of American jurisprudence and millennia of human experience, a few judges and local authorities are presuming to change the most fundamental institution of civilization,” the president said in urging Congress to [...]

There Is No Race Problem in America

Seriously! I mean, if things for the African-American were so bad in this country, we wouldn’t be subjected to the following review of The Return of the King by Andrea Lewis:

Like most, I was entertained and awed by the artistry and technical achievements of “The Return of the King,” but by the end of [...]

“She bang! She bang!”

WARNING: This post contains vitriol and bad language. Reader discretion is advised, and if you don’t like it, then it’s too damn bad.

Last night, Dateline did a puff piece on William Hung, the 21-year-old Hong Kong native and civil engineering student who appeared on Fox’s American Idol.

Hung has been doing the talk [...]

Political Compass

I am normally not an advocate of these sort of things (on-line “tests” of any sort), but this one is particularly relevant for The Waterglass. It is a test called the “Political Compass.” Click HERE to take the test.

“Welcome to The Political Compass. There’s abundant evidence for the need of it. The old one-dimensional [...]

Who’s Afraid of Nader?

I know that some Democrats are worried about Ralph Nader running for President:

“Nader’s announcement Sunday that he will run for president as an independent in 2004 was described by Republicans as unimportant and by Democrats as “very unfortunate.”

Some of the reasons some Dems are worried are:

1. Nader will siphon off votes [...]

Looks Like We’re all Going to Die

Nice knowing you, folks:

Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters.

A secret report, suppressed by US defence chiefs and obtained by The Observer, warns that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged [...]


Here’s one for the Rule of Law:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Orders Calif.’s Attorney General to Take Steps to Stop Gay Marriages

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger waded deeper into the debate over same-sex marriages, directing the state attorney general to take immediate legal steps to stop San Francisco from granting marriage licenses to gay couples.

Schwarzenegger [...]