January 2004
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BBC Follies

Looks like some folks at the Beeb are staging a mass tantrum:

Hundreds of BBC staff today staged walkouts in protest at the departure of Greg Dyke, their Director-General over the Kelly affair.

A small demonstration outside Broadcasting House in central London began shortly after 3pm, a little over an hour after Mr Dyke made [...]

And My Paycheck Grows Yet Smaller

In order to seem slightly less like a cheerleader for the “misleader” President Bush, I provide this article for your reading pleasure:

President Bush will seek a big increase in the budget of the National Endowment for the Arts, the largest single source of support for the arts in the United States, administration officials said [...]


“The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. An evil soul producing holy witness, Is like a villain with smiling cheek; A goodly apple rotten at the heart; O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”

Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, Act I, Scene III

Blind Ambition

Iraqi blogger Ali says to Howard Dean in response to his statement that “[The Iraqis'] living standard is a whole lot worse now than it was before:”

Don?t you agree that by saying those words you accuse the American soldiers of one of two charges each of which is worse than the other; You are [...]

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo…

Catch a frivolous lawsuit by the toe. If it’s stupid let it go. Well, thank God, a jury in Kansas did that very thing:

A flight attendant’s variation on the “eenie, meenie, minnie moe” rhyme to encourage passengers to hurry and find their seats left two black women on the Southwest Airlines flight feeling humiliated [...]

Dangerous Weapons

I am looking for instances where Bush actually said “Iraq is an imminent danger to America and its allies.” Some argue that pre-emptive war does not assume that the object of pre-emptive aggression is an imminent threat. I’m surprised at this, because I can’t think of an acceptable time-frame before attack unless the threat is [...]

Weaponization of Space and Time Travel to Kill Hitler

There are the kinds of issues the average Kucinich supporter finds vital:

Back at the UNH rally for Kucinich, which was dubbed a “party,” not a rally, the scene was more laid back. No one pressed his views on anyone else. Everything was “cool, man.” Derek Garcia, a 22-year-old volunteer from Albuquerque, said he was [...]

Photo of the Week

Democratic presidential hopeful former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean acknowledges supporters at a New Hampshire primary night celebration in Manchester, N.H., Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2004. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

If you listen very closely, you can hear what he’s saying in this photo. Put your ear right up to the screen…that’s it. He’s saying, “This flag [...]

“Parts of my body can fly all over”

Mona Charen narrates the appalling story of Palestinian monster (a term that becomes increasingly redundant with every passing day) Reem al-Riyashi:

Reem al-Riyashi was a normal-looking 22-year-old Palestinian woman. On Jan. 14, she strapped several pounds of explosives and nails to her body and approached an Israeli security checkpoint in the Gaza Strip. The Israelis [...]


A bit of old news, but America’s chief weapons inspector in Iraq, David Kay, resigned. He says it is unlikely that WMD will be found in Iraq:

“My summary view, based on what I’ve seen, is we’re very unlikely to find large stockpiles of weapons,” he said on National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition.” “I don’t [...]

You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me

The New York Times ran an article about pick-up artists and their trade. The article is full of terms like AFC (Average Frustrated Chump), neg (a comment to a woman intended to momentarily lower her self-esteem and create an impression of uninterest), and PUA (Pick-Up Artists), with the main kick being that there are men [...]

R.I.P., Captain.

Bob Keeshan, known to most of us as Captain Kangaroo, has died.

Rest in peace, Captain. Say hi to Fred Rogers for us.

I’m Not Sorry

Several months ago, I wrote about a group calling itself The November Gang. This group encourages women to write love notes in the form of little pink valentines to the fetuses they had aborted.

Jonah Goldberg in National Review’s Corner mentions the website I’m Not Sorry.Net. I’m Not Sorry’s stated purpose is to show [...]


“She is very well, the lack of the tumor really suits her,” Ion Lascar, the plastic surgeon in Bucharest, Romania, who headed a medical team charged with removing a 175 lb. tumor from a Romanian woman.

See complete article here: www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/europe/01/21/health.romania.tumor.reut/index.html

I wonder if the good doctor said that with a straight face.

Woman-Mixing Is the Root!

The UK’s Telegraph reports:

Saudi Arabia’s most senior Islamic cleric has condemned women who mingled unveiled among men at a business conference this week, saying their actions could cause “evil and catastrophe”.

Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh, the grand mufti of the desert kingdom, made his comments after the country’s top businesswoman called for reform [...]