November 2003
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Photo of the Week

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday:

Jennifer Lopez! Her quote is from the blockbuster smash Gigli, where she throws herself on the bed, spreads her thighs, and utters the intensely erotic come-on, “It’s turkey time. Gobble, gobble.”

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


This anecdote from Bruce Stockler is hilarious:

The turkey exploded when I stuck it with the serving fork. My Aunt Rita, who has a bad valve in her heart, dove under the table, clutching her blood-thinning pills, as boiling-hot soy-wasabi magma sauce sprayed across the room.

“It’s not so bad!” said my wife, Roni. Our [...]

Even a Liberal Says So

Liberal Feminist, psychotherapist, and Women’s Studies professor Phyllis Chesler talks about the “new anti-semitism:”

Today anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism. Israel has increasingly come to represent the Jews of the world, and is treated as they have been treated for thousands of years. She is demonized, isolated, and attacked while the world either actively rejoices, [...]

When Will They Move On, Already?

The New York Post reports:

Political popster Moby and Jonathan Soros – son of investment gazillionaire George Soros – are hooking up to embarrass President Bush. They’re launching an Internet contest next month in which the public will be asked to create 30-second commercials attacking the Bush administration, to be judged by a panel of [...]

Defense of Hetero Marriage

Sam Schulman wrote a very interesting article for Commentary on secular reasons for keeping marriage between men and women only:

JAMES Q. WILSON, Maggie Gallagher, Stanley Kurtz, and others?including William J. Bennett in The Broken Hearth (2001)?are right to point to the deleterious private and public consequences of instituting gay marriage. Why, then, do their [...]

This is Not Journalism

I check the Drudge Report just about everyday. I used to think that Matt Drudge was actually interested in reporting the news. After all, he spends all day scouring the internet for interesting articles and was the first one to report the Monica Lewinsky story. I look the other way as he loads his page [...]

Shooting Guns Near Children

I have no sympathy for followers of the KKK that get injured in initiation ceremonies. I do have sympathy for children who are placed at risk (of course). Following this odd bit of moralist opinion comes a story of a KKK initiation ceremony gone awry:

“JOHNSON CITY, Tennessee (AP) — A bullet fired in the [...]

Not at all Surprised

EU body shelves report on anti-semitism:

The European Union’s racism watchdog has shelved a report on anti-semitism because the study concluded Muslims and pro-Palestinian groups were behind many of the incidents it examined.

The Vienna-based European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) decided in February not to publish the 112-page study, a copy [...]

Dr. Seuss Was a Liberal

John J. Miller has an interesting roundup of political meaning in Dr. Seuss’s books. An example:

His most political book of all, however, was yet to come. Again, let’s let the Morgans set the scene: “[Seuss] was brooding over the mounting cold war with the Soviet Union and believed that under Ronald Reagan the nuclear [...]

Two Minds, a Single Thought

Salam Pax is a blogger from Iraq who wrote about the liberation of his country. He’s also gay, a fact which is important when you realize how little Hussein’s regime appreciated homosexuals. Once liberated, he managed to get a nice job with the UK’s Guardian as a columnist. His most recent entry included this passage:


Photo of the Week

Here’s Michael Jackson’s mugshot:

Showtime for Reagan

E! says:

After CBS decided to eschew The Reagans, its made-for-TV biopic of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, the Eye gave the green light to Viacom sister network Showtime to unfurl the controversial miniseries. And despite initially planning to hold The Reagans until early next year, Showtime has now decided to capitalize on the ongoing [...]

Gay Stuff

Yesterday, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that a ban on marriage between gays is unconstitutional. I’d have written about it earlier, but I was in the studio all day with minimal access to news (though I did see some very cool stuff). I’ve always considered Massachusetts to be rather weak when it came to [...]

So Don’t Do That

In junior high, I remember sitting in an auditorium while the principal said: “When you ride the bus, NEVER stick your head out. One time, a 7th grader did that, and HIS HEAD CAME OFF after it hit a tree. So don’t do that.”

I always thought it was true. It became one of those [...]

Doomed to Extinction

President Bush is set to arrive in London soon, and the city’s mayor, Ken Livingstone, has this to say about the leader of the free world:

“I actually think that Bush is the greatest threat to life on this planet that we’ve most probably ever seen. The policies he is initiating will doom us to [...]