October 2003
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Halloween Around the World

Apparently, the moral authorities of Russia and France have deemed Halloween to be an eeeevil, decadent American custom that needs to be kept from their impressionable children.

Fighting Halloween with Cake

Moscow Bans “Morally Damaging” Halloween

I suppose that there won’t be any kids in Moscow or Paris running around wearing “Vichy Thanatocrat” or “Young [...]


Please see the photo of the bronze statue entitled “Holier Than Thou” which accompanies this article in the October 16 issue of the Tokeka Capitol-Journal. You have to see it to understand the following hullabulloo.

There is a statue that has been traveling the country for over 10 years as part of various art shows. [...]

Germans Didn’t Start It, Apparently

German parliamentarian Martin Hohmann said some interesting things in a recent speech:

Mr Hohmann’s comments, made in a 3 October speech, have only surfaced now.

He compared the killings in Russia’s violent 1917 revolution, which he said were orchestrated by Jews, with the murder of Europe’s Jews during the Holocaust of World War II. [...]

NRA Blacklisting (five minutes to wapner!)

Unfortunately, yet disturbingly predictable, celebrities engage in what I call “conspicuous endorsementism” for liberal causes (yes, I believe I made that term up). Yet another is their clamoring to be included on the National Rifle Association’s list of organizations and individuals who are anti-gun. Even Rainman wants a part:

“Actor Dustin Hoffman was so dismayed [...]

Well, I Suppose It Was Inevitable

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

I mean, is he aware of the irony? This is a joke, right? Jesus wept. Don’t forget, Mr. Tyson has recently expressed a desire to do what he claims he didn’t and was convicted of doing.

(Thanks to A Small Victory for the pointer)


Drive-Through Payday

Dan Mindus gives us the skinny on the hack who brought you the McDonald’s lawsuits:

Remember the 1993 side-impact crash fiasco on Dateline NBC? The Los Angeles Times called it “the biggest TV scam since the Quiz Scandals.” Unbeknownst to viewers, model rockets had been attached to the “side-saddle” gas tank of a GM pickup [...]

Peace Activists in Senseless Singing

In case you wondered what the anti-war protesters are singing, here is a short selection of songs.


BOMB IRAQ (Tune: She?ll be Comin Round the Mountain) Brought to you by the RAGING GRANNIES, sponsored by the Women?s International League for Peace and Freedom, Peninsula Branch

If the GOP is hurtin? bomb Iraq If [...]


In the blogosphere, an “Instalanche” is considered a good thing: it’s when Instapundit links to you in a post of his. Because Instapundit gets so many hits, an Instalanche means that your hit counter will go up dramatically. And, well, other people reading what you write is what it’s all about here.

On last night’s [...]

Peace Activists Engage in Senseless Violence

The recent “too little, too late” anti-war rally by A.N.S.W.E.R. was also attended by counter-protesters from Protest Warrior. This is what happened:

Counter-protesters were harassed, threatened, and some assaulted by security personnel of the anti-Iraq Occupation rally (International A.N.S.W.E.R.) before police appeared and relocated the counter-protesters in Washington D.C. today. No arrests were reported, but [...]

Got to Love those Arabs

Check this out:

What do Arabs think about the Holocaust? Arabs Sign Guest Book at Holocaust Exhibit

Dr. Mordechai Kedar

Sunday, October 26, 2003

The SNP Museum in the Slovak town Banska Bystrica recently hosted a traveling exhibit of photographs of women, Jewish and non-Jewish, maltreated in Auschwitz and elsewhere during the Holocaust period.


Reagan Done Right, Part Three

Ed Morrow talks about the upcoming movie about the Reagans:

It has become part of liberal folklore to blame Reagan for the AIDS epidemic because he didn’t immediately launch a massive research and education campaign when it first erupted. The fact is that for years, the danger of AIDS wasn’t accurately understood by most. Few [...]

Dumb Debates

Jay Rosen has a linklicious and truly fascinating roundup of “media bias” arguments that can be found here.

This here is a post for practically everyone in the game of seizing on media bias and denouncing it, which is part of our popular culture, and of course a loud part of our politics. And this [...]

Challenge of the Superfriends

In this article from the UK Telegraph, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Danny Devito have decided to do what several presidents and thousands of negotiators have failed to do. They want to bring peace to the middle east.

“The past few years of conflict mean that yet another generation of Israelis and Palestinians will grow [...]

What Does Ffffhgggmm Mean?

Drug-addicted has-been Rickie Lee Jones is standing up for all our rights in an interview done for the UK’s The Guardian. Shilling for her new album, she says:

“I hope it wakes people up. You know, people in America are afraid to say anything; they are afraid of George Bush, afraid of the police, afraid [...]

Reagan Done Right, Part Two

Unlike the people who wrote the upcoming “bio”pic on former President Reagan, Douglas W. Kmiec was there when Reagan set AIDS policy, and weighs in on the false statements Hollywood plans to put in Regan’s mouth:

How Ronald Reagan viewed AIDS was of particular importance to me, since the former president tasked me with advising [...]