September 2003
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Flag Flapping

Anti-semitism, or stone-stupidity? I report, you decide:

DALLAS, Sept. 30 ? A Texas high school has apologized after the school band waved a Nazi flag during a performance on Friday, the start of the Jewish New Year holiday of Rosh Hashana. ?We had an error in judgment,? band director Charles Grissom told the Dallas Morning [...]

Re-calls and accountability

Normally this would be a “comment,” but I spent so much time on it, I wanted it as a main heading. I apologize in advance for my vanity.

Jonah says re-calls are “too democratic”:

The recall, in my opinion, undermines the accountability of voters, telling them in effect that they can have a do-over whenever [...]

I Recall…Central Park in Fall…

This is what Jonah Goldberg has to say about the California recall election:

The recall, in my opinion, undermines the accountability of voters, telling them in effect that they can have a do-over whenever they mess things up by electing the wrong guy. Well, I’m sorry. As I’ve said before, the people of California elected [...]

Mel Gibson, Jews, and Jesus

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of Toward Tradition, has written a very interesting (and dismaying) column about the Jewish reaction to Mel Gibson’s upcoming film The Passion:

Never has a film aroused such hostile passion so long prior to its release as has Mel Gibson’s Passion. Many American Jews are alarmed by reports of what they [...]

French Playing Cards

There’s a new deck of playing cards being produced:

PARIS, Sept. 25 ? Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is the Ace of Spades and al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden a Joker in a provocative pack of French playing cards depicting ?the 52 most dangerous American officials.?

A riposte to the ?most-wanted? cards of Iraqi leaders issued [...]

Political Expression in Western Europe: What Some Portugese Think

A small observation from my trip to Portugal:

Portugal is a small country of 10 million people. They are in the throes of an economic recession, though cash streams from their membership in the European Union helps them keep afloat. In Europe, the Euro is stronger than the dollar. A fifty dollar bill nets you [...]

Oops! I Did It Again…

I’m posting about the French! Ralph Peters says in the New York Post:

September 24, 2003 — PRESIDENT Bush’s speech at the United Nations yesterday morning is under attack by the Democratic Party’s presidential aspirants. Thank God.

The worst thing Bush could have done would have been to soften America’s combative stance, to fail [...]


Palestinian Columbia University professor and hater of all things Jewish and American, Edward Said, has bit the big one. Gone. Finit.

Stanley Kurtz reported in National Review that:

In his regular columns for the Egyptian weekly Al-Ahram, Said has made his views about America crystal clear. Said has condemned the United States, which he [...]

Off With Their Heads

I have a relative that is mentally disabled. He is in his mid-twenties, but he has the mind of someone in their early teens. He has a son that’s around six-months old from a previous girlfriend. Now, I have just found out that he has just knocked up another girl who is around 17 years [...]

The Resurrection of the Clinton Dynasty

From the Time magazine (web site) article for the September 29, 2003 edition:

Adding luster to Clark’s aura with dissatisfied Democrats is the perception that he is running with the benediction of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The former President has certainly stoked this impression; he has been talking up Clark’s virtues in public and private [...]


Blogging from me will be light to nonexistent until Wednesday for a trip to Atlanta. Peaches and boiled peanuts for everyone!

I’m looking forward to reading some cool posts when I return!


Launching Lunch

Mona Charen, author of the truly fascinating Useful Idiots, has something to say about school lunch programs herself:

The president has asked for $87 billion to rebuild and solidify Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s a lot of money. But the federal government spends $65 billion annually on student loans to college students — enduring about a [...]

Roadmap to Martyrdom

Scrappleface has a classic:

(2003-09-18) — PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat yesterday hinted at “a foundation for peace” in the middle east, just as the so-called ‘roadmap for peace’ seemed doomed to collapse.

Reuters news agency reports that Mr. Arafat asked, “Is there anyone in Palestine who does not dream of martyrdom?”

An unnamed source on [...]

I’m Not the Only One

Thomas L. Friedman at the New York Times talks about France:

It’s time we Americans came to terms with something: France is not just our annoying ally. It is not just our jealous rival. France is becoming our enemy.

If you add up how France behaved in the run-up to the Iraq war (making [...]


I found somebody else who liked The Prophecy! It’s National Review’s Jonah Goldberg:

I’ve gotten a lot of email from folks defending the first Highlander movie from the shlock charge etc. I agree. The first movie was great and a brilliant idea from Highlander creator Gregory Widen. I also thought his movie “The Prophecy” was [...]