August 2003
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The World Just Got a Bit Brighter

Check out this bit of good news:

QALAT, Afghanistan – The U.S. military said Saturday that a weeklong campaign of bombing and intense ground battles on the craggy mountain ridges of southern Afghanistan have killed dozens of Taliban holdouts.

U.S. special operations forces and hundreds of allied Afghan soldiers were pressing their assault, taking [...]

Young Einstein

Check out this bullet-headed dimwit:

FoxNews tells us that:

A court official identified the teenager as Jeffrey Lee Parson, 18, of Hopkins, Minn., known online as “teekid.” A U.S. official in Washington also confirmed an arrest was made early Friday.

Court papers said FBI and Secret Service agents searched Parson’s home on Aug. [...]

Funny Guy

A Small Victory has a roundup of cartoons drawn by a total jerkoff named Latuff:

Latuff does not just hate Israel and its inhabitants. He hates America. But that’s not a big issue, as (a) Latuff isn’t even American and (b) it’s pretty much in vogue to hate America now. It’s how he carries out [...]

Dean Will Get Us all Killed

Larry Kudlow has some interesting things to say about Presidential hopeful Howard Dean:

Importantly, the [Congressional Budget Office] underscores the point that slumping economic growth is the largest source of the problem, and recovering growth is the largest source of the solution. The Bush strategy of across-the-board tax cuts ? which are responsible for only [...]

Requiem for a Fetus

Brent Bozell informs us that:

In the September issue of Glamour magazine (circulation: almost 3 million, many of them teenage girls), actress Holly Robinson Peete gives this advice to the single girl: “You are in a blissful stage. Really enjoy yourself right now because it does change. I want you to have a lot of [...]

I haven’t lived my life to be a politician

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a former pot smoking orgy participator and I couldn’t be happier. The Smoking Gun website (linked from the Drudge Report) recovers an old porno mag called OUI, “borrowed” from an EBAY salesman, and does their usual fine job of muckraking. In the 5 page interview, Arnold confesses to smoking dope, gang banging [...]


Check out this article by former Romanian spymaster Ion Mihai Pacepa:

As a former Romanian spy chief who used to take orders from the Soviet KGB, it is perfectly obvious to me that Russia is behind the evanescence of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. After all, Russia helped Saddam get his hands on them [...]

More on the French

Apparently, the French don’t think that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are terrorist organizations:

France expressed objections to placing Hamas and Islamic Jihad on the European Union(EU)’s list of “terror organizations”, according to an Israeli report on Monday.

Israel’s Yediot Aharonot website reported that diplomatic advisor to French President Jacques Chirac, Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, told the [...]

7 Astronauts Died Because NASA Is A Shitty Place to Work

I may only be 30 years old (and a few cards shy of 52), but I don’t remember anybody blaming death on “bad organizational culture” before. We sociologists study organizational culture all the time. Actually, this stuff is also studied by business schools. Anyway, I always figured that people don’t die because of it. Sure, [...]

Just a Few Things

1) Salisbury, Maryland is a nice enough place to visit, but I’d rather take an ASP tactical baton to the kneecaps than live there. The humidity was such that you swim rather than walk. 2) Frontier Airlines’ customer service seems to be slipping a bit, despite the addition of personal TV sets in every seat [...]

My Triumphant Return

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m back and plan to comment on all this new-fangled discussion that’s sprung up in my absence. Great stuff, folks. Keep it going.

Ali-bama–Foreign Country

Here’s an update in today’s New York Times on the controversy surrounding the 5,280 lb. monument of the Ten Commandents that was placed in Alabama’s State Supreme Court.

This whole issue is one that really just makes my blood boil. First of all, there should never be cause to use “Ten Commandments” and “State [...]

Responsibility and Social Origin

Bill Whittle’s essay is very long and no, I had to skim it, but the point is clear enough if not, unfortunately, cut by Bill’s Electric Razor, the same one Occam would have used had he not had a propensity for beards. As David’s Younger Brother and, hence, influenced by similar Social Origins, those being [...]


Bill Whittle has an absolutely brilliant essay on personal responsibility that can be found right here.

Read it all. It’s long, but you won’t regret it. It’s one of those things that’s so good, I’m jealous and I wish I’d written it.

I’ll be off on a business trip, so blogging from me will be [...]

Windows on the World

For those that don’t know about it, there’s some French puke that’s written a novel that is supposed to describe the last few hours and minutes of the people who were in the Windows on the World restaurant during the 9/11 murders. Apparently, they did a lot of screwing during that time. The tagline is, [...]