April 2014
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Tomorrow is David’s birthday!  Let’s all celebrate with some C.A.K.E.!

Yay! Hobbit Movie!

Yay!  Hobbit movie!

Filming on the two Hobbit movies has begun following months of delays caused by funding problems, a row over actors’ wages and surgery for its director.

Filming is taking place at Stone Street Studios, Wellington, and on location around New Zealand.

Production on the films, starring Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins, [...]

Health Care Bill: Looking Back with Anger

Many Americans, but certainly not all, are angry about the passage of the health care bill.  Some snippets from a NYTimes article about this anger:

At least two Congressional district offices were vandalized and Representative Louise M. Slaughter, a senior Democrat from New York, received a phone message threatening sniper attacks against lawmakers and their [...]


These new pictures of the Earth are stunning.  They are much better than the picture of the Earth I took a week ago:

The R.E.T.U.R.N. of the Man from H.A.P.P.Y. B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y.

Happy birth-day to David, the The Waterglass Editor Emeritus who is busily celebrating his birth-day on his new blog.

Movie Review: 2012

The Mrs. and I saw the world premiere of 2012, the latest end-of-the-world film by Roland Emmerich.  Never before had I wanted the end of the world to come so quickly.  To say this movie is trite garbage is to miss the point: the point is amazing special effects, manipulative-tear-jerker scenes about saying goodbye to [...]

Book Review: Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

The following is a review of Infinite Jest, a novel by David Foster Wallace published in 1996 and clocking in at 1,079 pages.  It took me two months to read it.  Do I recommend it?  There’s a big caveat to reading this book that I feel people should know, but I save it for my [...]

Favorite Recorded Scream

That’s the title of LeRoy Steven’s compilation of musical screams:

A few months ago a peculiar item called “Favorite Recorded Scream” began to trickle into New York City record stores. Pressed on 12-inch vinyl in an edition of 500, it has little on its red cover except a list of 74 songs, each linked to [...]


PhD student Joel Tenenbaum is ordered by federal court to pay $675,000 to various record labels for illegally downloading and sharing songs.  It seems like a lot.  But is it?

The trial was an almost entirely one-sided affair. Plaintiffs built their case with forensic evidence collected by MediaSentry, which showed that he was sharing over [...]

Beat It: Michael Jackson, Dead at 50

Lead singer of the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, is dead at 50:

Michael Jackson, the show-stopping singer whose best-selling albums — including “Off the Wall,” “Thriller” and “Bad” — and electrifying stage presence made him one of the most popular artists of all time, died Thursday, CNN has confirmed.  He was 50.  He collapsed at [...]

Redefining Beauty

Angry, pinch-faced woman named one of the 100 most beautiful people:

Michelle Obama, who has achieved celebrity status and has wowed the world as a fashion icon, made the list for the first time.

“I had a father and a brother who thought I was beautiful, and they made me feel that way every single [...]

Celebrity Roundup!

Here’s your latest celebrity news!

Legendary music producer Phil Spector found guilty of murder:

After about 30 hours of deliberation, a jury on Monday convicted music producer Phil Spector of second-degree murder in the death of actress Lana Clarkson more than six years ago. Wearing a black suit with a red tie and pocket square, [...]

Paul Harvey, RIP

And now…the rest of the story:

Paul Harvey, the news commentator and talk-radio pioneer whose staccato style made him one of the nation’s most familiar voices, died Saturday in Arizona. He was 90.

Harvey died surrounded by family at a hospital in Phoenix, where he had a winter home, said Louis Adams, a spokesman [...]

Cry Me a River

The people behind the Oscars are fretting:

The people who put on the Academy Awards are in a flopsweat panic as the hours tick away before this year’s big broadcast, which is having its major rehearsal and technical run-through today. For weeks now, they’ve been begging me and the other journalists who cover the Oscars not [...]

Cheetahs Killing Gazelles: Old Video Finds New Life On-Line

Instead of new content, why not repackage old content and sell it in 3 minute increments on-line, laced with crappy advertising?  GOOD IDEA:

…at the headquarters of Discovery Communications … a small team of editors mines the 23-year-old video vault of the Discovery Channel for animal attacks, dinosaur animations and scientific oddities. Old shows that [...]