April 2014
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“Death to Israel!”

Associate Professor of History Julio Pino got “political”:

The speaker at whom Pino shouted was Ishmael Khaldi, formerly the deputy consul general at the Israeli consulate in San Francisco. Khaldi, as a Bedouin and Muslim, lectures on his experiences as an advocate for Israel.

According to multiple press accounts, Pino posed a question to Khaldi [...]

Jewish Roots: Amar’e Stoudemire in Israel

Amar’e Stoudemire, who plays basketball for the NBA’s New York Knicks, is exploring his “cultural and spiritual” Jewish side.  This is one of the most unique and interesting stories on Judaism and Israel I’ve read in a long time.  Some excerpts:

TEL AVIV — Amar’e Stoudemire loped into the lobby of his Tel Aviv seaside [...]

400 Children

In Israel, 400 children of foreign guest workers who were born in Israel to parents who overstayed their visa are slated for deportation:

The public debate followed a decision by the cabinet on Sunday to approve a plan for granting status to the children of people who entered Israel with a valid visa or permit [...]

Israel and Conversion Law: Battle between American Jews and the Non-Zionist Ultra-Orthodox

This is how the story is portrayed: a new conversion law in Israel would put conversions in the hands on “non-zionist” orthodox Jews from the most fundamntalist of sects.  Those from the ultra-Orthodox applaud the proposed bill, while all other Jews are hostile to it:

The bill that so angered American Jewish leaders was actually [...]

“Rape-by-Deception” Case in Israel: Is the Story Being Reported Accurately?

Or is this another American Butthash Media story?  This sounds awfully fishy:

Jerusalem (CNN) — The lawyer for a 30-year-old Palestinian married father of two who has admitted in a plea bargain to rape by deception said Wednesday he will appeal his client’s sentence, which was handed up Monday.  “Eighteen months in prison is too [...]

“It is not the Promised Land. It is our land.”: Israelis, Palestinians, and American Voluntarism

An interesting NYTimes article:

HAR BRACHA, West Bank — Twice a year, American evangelicals show up at a winery in this Jewish settlement in the hills of ancient Samaria to play a direct role in biblical prophecy, picking grapes and pruning vines.

Believing that Christian help for Jewish winemakers here in the occupied West Bank [...]

Repealing Military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy

In a step forward for GLBT rights, the House voted to repeal the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy:

The House of Representatives voted 234-194 Thursday night to repeal the military’s 17-year-old policy that prohibits gay men and lesbians from serving openly in the nation’s armed forces.

The historic House vote followed the Senate Armed [...]

Biden: New Plan for Settlements in East Jerusalem Counter-productive to Peace Talks

U.S. V.P. Biden not happy with the recent decision by the Israeli Ministry of the Interior to build new settlements in East Jerusalem:

“It is incumbent on both parties to build an atmosphere of support for negotiations and not to complicate them,” Biden said in a media statement alongside Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the [...]

Evictions in East Jerusalem

This New York Times article tells the story of the evictions of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem:

JERUSALEM — Having been removed in favor of Israeli nationalist Jews, members of the Palestinian Ghawi family have been sheltering this winter in a tent on the sidewalk opposite their home of more than five decades [...]