April 2014
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Michelle Obama echoes 2008 campaign:

Michelle Obama told high school students taking part in a mentoring program at Georgetown University on Tuesday that being married to the president can be scary at times, because he makes the family get out of its comfort zone.

The first lady urged students not to let fear guide them [...]

The Audacity of Self-Reliance

ABC News reported a few days ago:

At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America.

“The one thing that we absolutely know for sure is that if we don’t work even harder than [...]

Reverting to Form

Lately, it seems that the Democrats in Congress and Obama have been referring to Congress as “the Republican Congress” in public discussions.  This is despite the fact that the Republican party is in charge of the House and the Democrat party is in charge of the Senate.

It’s been suggested that this is a new meme [...]

Obama White House: Vindictive, Cowardly, and Very Partisan

First, we have the White House’s communications director declaring war on Fox News:

“Let’s not pretend they’re a news network,” White House communications director Anita Dunn said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” firing the latest salvo in the long-simmering feud.

“Fox News often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the [...]

Barack Hussein Obama Named President of the Three Stooges Fan Club

In an unprecedented move, The Stoogeum, the world’s greatest repository of Three Stooges memorabilia, has named U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama the Official President of the Three Stooges Fan Club:

The Three Stooges Fan Club Committee said it honored Obama for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.  Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!”


The Unbelievable Success of Cash for Clunkers

One of President Obamessiah’s greatest achievements in his Nobel Peace Prize-worthy presidency is, apparently, the Cash for Clunkers program.  Designed to curb greenhouse gases (the ones that contribute to global climate change more than the gigantic nuclear explosion in space called the sun), it took taxpayer money to buy people better cars for trading in [...]

President Obama’s Accomplishments in Office Since January 2009

Even more suprising than Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is the rabid partisan right’s blindness to the accomplishments of Obama’s still-young presidency.  Apparently, they need reminders.  Let’s begin here:

Domestic Policy

Much of this starts with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Part of this act is 5 billion for Head Start and other child care [...]

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama Awarded America’s Space Prize

America’s Space Prize is , according to Wikipedia, a 50 million dollar space competition in orbital spaceflight established and funded in 2004 by hotel entrepreneur Robert Bigelow. The prize would have been awarded to the first US-based privately-funded team to design and build a reusable manned capsule capable of flying 5 astronauts to a Bigelow [...]

Obama Wins Pillsbury Bake-Off!

In a surprise twist announced early this morning, President Barack Hussein Obama has won the 2009 Pillsbury Bake-Off:

The Pillsbury company, several of whom spoke to the press, said awarding Obama the 44th Annual Pillsbury Bake-Off could be seen as an early vote of confidence intended to build global support for the policies of [...]

We Are All Terrorists if We Do Not Celebrate the Obamessiah’s Well-Earned Nobel Peace Prize

Serving us all a heaping stack of bipartisan pancakes dripping with the maple syrup of civility, the Communications Director of the DNC has this to say:

The Republican Party has thrown in its lot with the terrorists – the Taliban and Hamas this morning – in criticizing the President for receiving the Nobel Peace prize,” [...]

Rio to Host 2016 Olympics

Epic Fail

Chicago didn’t make it:

Despite four years, millions of dollars in planning and a last-ditch pitch from President Obama, the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid ultimately fell short.

The City of Chicago was eliminated in the first round of voting, before any host city was selected.

An expert called it the “biggest shock [...]

Obama a Headache for the Obama Administration

Obama, ever in love with seeing himself on television, now sees the need to address American schoolchildren on September 8:

As if (we) parents don’t have enough to worry about as our children head back to school: flu season along with the swine flu, health in general, behavior, grades, homework, sports, relationships, drug use, teen [...]

Amateur Hour

Belatedly, the White House does the right thing:

Following a furor over how the data would be used, the White House has shut down an electronic tip box — flag@whitehouse.gov — that was set up to receive information on “fishy” claims about President Barack Obama’s health plan.

E-mails to that address now bounce back with [...]

Obama to Everyone Else: “Shut Up.”

What’s really fascinating about this Barack “I won” Obama clip is that despite his frequent blaming of everything that’s wrong with the economy on Bush, he claims that he doesn’t mind taking the responsibility for it.  Let’s hold him to that.

And if he calls what he’s doing now “cleaning up the mess,” I’d [...]

Obligatory Obama as Joker Post